I’m Your Solution

13 years of industry-specific experience combined with creative design, I provide print + business technology companies with tailored solutions and proven results. Because your marketing is only as effective as the knowledge behind it.

“We’ve always done it this way” is the most dangerous phrase in business – especially in 2021.

Strategic Marketing

I implement my industry experience and skillset to provide an effective return on investment.

Brand Development

Your brand is more than an icon; it’s how every aspect of your business behaves.

Website Creation

Through form and function, your website will be your salesman, customer service, and HR.

Print Design

#PrintIsntDead. In fact, it’s cooler than ever! But it has evolved and we need communicate that.

Why Me?  Glad you asked.

Industry-Specific Experience

Save the guess work. I know the lingo!

My Time, Your Rules

Create collaborative, monthly goals.


I work alongside yours or bring my own.

Project Management

I design and manage – so you don’t have to.

Since 2007

1st job out of college, I was a certified trainer and designer for a large business solutions company. My focus was multifunctional printers, EFI Fiery production, and digital signage. I supported sales, service, and customers on everything from Account Security to Pantone Color matching. When I wasn’t on the road, I would create for the marketing team. After several years, I decided to pursue my dream of working for marketing agencies where I honed my craft…

These days

I partner with business solutions companies because I’m a valuable asset. I know the industry and respect the territory. I help companies increase revenue, expand their teams and, in turn, support their communities. Being a variable in their success is why I love my job.

Impactful results require an adaptable attitude, creating value, and monitoring your return on investment. I want to understand your mission to develop solutions you’ll love. I don’t mind obsessing over the details as long as you look good. “How good?”, you ask. Let’s find out!

Nikki is absolutely amazing! Not only does she constantly provide amazing work, but she is easy to communicate with, listens to all of your ideas, and comes back with great feedback. She is a trusted part of our team and we are lucky to have a professional relationship with her!


Not just highly talented, Nikki is an excellent communicator and clearly someone with a huge heart. In 30+ years in the business, I’ve never experienced willingness, commitment and kindness quite like this. She didn’t just deliver – she handed over quality we had no business expecting...


I have personally reviewed hundreds of marketing creative, and this is among the finest marketing creative I have seen. We'd like to thank Nikki for her dedication and commitment to excellence. If you are ever in need of graphic designer, she is second to none.


Nikki is a multifaceted graphic designer that possesses the unique ability to be both committed to her designs but open minded and flexible enough to absorb feedback from others. She has her finger on the pulse of new software and emerging technologies. In addition to her talents, her 'sunny' disposition makes working with her a very positive experience.


She displays an unparalleled energy and avidity toward her work as well as a firm grasp on the information she presents. She's affable, able to work well with others. Articulate and imaginative. Receptive to suggestions and ideas. Nikki exemplifies these attributes. It was my pleasure to be able to work with her.

ready to move forward?